Sunday, February 10, 2008

Masks Required Upon Entry

We are requiring that all persons entering our home to wear a mask. We've placed ourselves under voluntary quarantine. It started off with me being sick. Chest cold type stuff that branched out into a sore throat from all the coughing. Also, this coughing business is not to be taken lightly. I have wrenched a muscle so hard in my back that I've displaced a freaking rib. A rib. . . as in a rib bone. . . the things that hold your insides in. Yes, well, mine are doing a piss poor job, I'm literally going to cough up a lung. Oh, then there was the pink eye. This morning Big woke up with a fever and a "headache"- always his complaint when he is sick, he has a headache. Little has a chesty cough as well and Dh is whining about a sore throat. Come to find out, it's the flu. Big's home for the week. Little tests negative but is sick as well. 105* fevers all around. BAH. Then there was my miscarriage which despite being an unplanned pregnancy, has been harder to deal with than I expected. Now I'm just waiting for the dogs to get TB or something.
I'm tired.