Monday, July 26, 2010

A House of Boys

It's the dead of summer which means we are all stuck inside unless we'd rather drink our air than breathe it. We've also instituted a "No TV before lunch" rule. I was hoping it would prompt the boys to go outside before it got too hot, but it's mostly resulted in them whining for a 2 hours about not being able to watch TV and then asking to eat lunch at 10am.

But this morning I made pancakes, Little is playing with some of his new birthday toys, The Princess is eating pancakes (and an ink pen) and Big is playing with his toy plane. He's been on quite the plane kick lately as Jason recently bought a flight simulator game for the X-Box.

Big zooms around the living room making plane noises that sound remarkably like the sounds in the movies- mimicry of sounds has always been a strong suit of his. I'm so proud. Anyway, he zooms around making accelerations, decelerations, turns, and of course, the occasional weaponry sounds.

As "Atlantis One" buzzes the couch where The Princess and I are sitting, I hear him muttering to himself.

"Atlantis One, you are approaching the Cliff Mountains. Do you copy? Over."

"Copy, I am coming over the mountain. . . I see it! I see the Princess-Bear-Zilla!!! OH NO!!! She's trying to get me with her SuperCuteness Blaster!!!!"

He swerves the plane right down over The Princesse's head while she smiles and giggles at her silly Big. She is still chewing on the ink pen (her top teeth have finally broken through- she can chew on anything she wants as long as it's not me).

Big's voice gets mechanical again.

"Atlantis One, take evasive proceedures. Do not let the Princess-Bear-Zilla get you."

"Copy, but she's coming after me with her SuperCuteness Ray!! (Which is apparently different than the SuperCuteness Blaster). AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ABORT MISSION."

He buzzes by the couch again and reports to his squadron leader that it was a TRAP!!

"There's a whole family of ZILLA'S- Princess-Zilla is not alone, she has a mommy-zilla and there are dog-zillas, do you copy?!"

"Copy Atlantis One! Get out of there!!! Report back to base!"

"Roger! >he makes several "warp to light speed" sounds< HAHAHA!!! You'll never get me Princess-Bear-Zilla!!! Your SuperCuteness Powers are no match for me!!!"

He kisses her and hauls ass off down the hall.

She might be the cuteset thing we've ever seen, and we might all be so madley in love with her, but she'll still have to live with the fact that this is a boy driven household. She'll always be a Priness-Bear-Zilla with SuperCuteness Powers or a Loch Ness Princess whose Cuteness Stare incapacitates entire armies or something similar.

There's certainly no denying she has Cuteness Powers over every person in this house.