Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bucket List V 1.0

Something I have been working on. It is by no means complete and I've already completed some of the things on here, but I thought I'd put it somewhere that I could always find it!

  1. Go white water rafting
  2. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  3. Do a canopy tour
  4. Go on a motorcycle trip around US
  5. Go on the Trans-Siberian train
  6. Route 66 trip
  7. Swim with dolphins
  8. See a platypus
  9. Go on a safari
  10. Ride an elephant
  11. Adopt an animal
  12. Join an activist group
  13. Mush a dog sled
  14. Go to the grand canyon
  15. Go to Niagra falls
  16. Yosemite
  17. Visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  18. See a meteor shower
  19. Snorkeling in the Belize reef
  20. See the Parthenon in Greece
  21. Stonehenge
  22. Live outside the country for a month or more
  23. See the seven wonders of the world.
  24. Volunteer in the Peace Corps or similar
  25. Visit Auschwitz
  26. Visit the blarney stone
  27. Horse drawn caravan through Ireland
  28. Go to top of empire state building
  29. Statue of liberty
  30. Participate in a march
  31. Go to white house
  32. Ride cable car in San Fran
  33. Write a children's book
  34. Glastonbury festival
  35. Go to Mardi Gras
  36. Learn to play chess
  37. Play poker in a Vegas casino
  38. Learn to make pottery
  39. Grow a garden
  40. Learn to cook
  41. Own my own company
  42. Take drawing classes
  43. Create memory books for each child
  44. Fill out all about me book
  45. Learn to sew
  46. Sew my own clothes/ kids clothes
  47. Start a collection
  48. Learn to not care what others think
  49. Go to a retrouville weekend
  50. Witness a birth
  51. Learn how to take criticism
  52. Learn how to take compliments
  53. Learn time management
  54. Get a college degree
  55. Become a master of geography
  56. Go to a pro sports game of hockey, football, baseball, basketball
  57. Go to a summer and winter olympics
  58. Live debt free
  59. Have college funds for all three kids
  60. Have a savings account with 5 figures in it.
  61. Shop on rodeo drive and not need to feel guilty
  62. Sleep in a castle
  63. Fly first class
  64. Own something from Tiffany &Co
  65. Understand what love is
  66. Understand what forgiveness is
  67. Adopt a child or be a foster parent
  68. Create a home that is fun, comforting, neat and safe
  69. Have an heirloom for each child
  70. Write letters to everyone I love to be given when I pass away
  71. Meet my grandchildren. And take them to Disney :)
  72. Build our dream house
  73. Own a vacation home
  74. Catch a fish
  75. Take up Tai Chi
  76. Go on an awakening retreat
  77. Build a habitat for humanity home
  78. Adopt a BLM horse
  79. Join a disaster relief fund
  80. Start a charity or organize an event
  81. Mentor someone
  82. Be a successful "natural horsewoman"
  83. Make a film
  84. Complete nanowrimo
  85. Complete a marathon
  86. Go to fashion week
  87. Go on a trip alone
  88. Go on a trip with each kid individually
  89. Learn to play guitar
  90. Learn to play the piano
  91. Go to millionaires row at the derby
  92. Own a racehorse
  93. Go to the super bowl
  94. Macy's thanksgiving day parade
  95. NYE at times square
  96. See a psychic
  97. Go to a masquerade
  98. Throw a surprise party
  99. Do a 365 challenge
  100. Ride horses on the beach
  101. Watch my kids fall in love