Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Simple

Big and I were on our way home from dinner tonight when a conversation about government started. He was asking about mayors and governors and wondering why Sarah Palin didn't wear an Eskimo suit if she was really from Alaska. He also wondered if she had huskies for her sled team. This led us to talking about Siberia and where it was. I mentioned that I wasn't even sure if it was still called Siberia. (shut up, I'm TERRIBLE with Geography- just like most Americans- ask Sarah Palin, she knows what I'm talking about) He asked why it wouldn't still be Siberia and I told him that sometimes when one country takes over another country, they will change its name.

We discussed why countries go to war in the first place and he decided that if he were ever president, he would make

"a new rule that you can only have a war for a good reason."

I told him that was a great idea, but why not take it even further and have no war. He pondered that for a moment and asked what we would do if we couldn't have war. "We could talk and try to solve the problem that way." I suggested.

"Oh yeah! Like if there were two countries fighting over the same piece of land, I would just have someone from each country come with their mayor and they could say something like 'Hey, if you give us half of this piece of land, we'll give you protection.' and then the other guys would say 'Yeah, that sounds like a great idea, ok!' and then no one would get hurt and no one would die and no one would be sad."

"Yeah, that would be great." I replied.